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portone.jpg Traverso Assicurazioni represents a long family tradition of three generations of insurers, resulting in today is solid professional experience.
Paolo Traverso is awarded a Gold medal in 1976 for professional achievement with Lloyd Italico e l'Ancora, an old insurance company in Genoa. In 1956 his son Edilio starts up a Special Agency specifically aimed at the marine sector, becoming during the seventies one of the main national operators in Financial and Bonding lines .
In 1986 with a partner creates the first brokerage company, specializing in Business Insurance but also dealing with Public Administration.In 1987 Traverso Assicurazioni joins A.I.B.A (Italian Brokers Association), ever since following its professional and ethical codes.In 1992 brothers Costantino and Federico establish the modern day Traverso Assicurazioni, unifying the activities of their father's company into an independent insurance brokerage firm.
Since 2001 Traverso Assicurazioni S.r.l. has been accredited to operate in the European Union market, participating in Multinational Programs thanks to foreign brokers and International Insurance Networks.
In 2007, abiding by the latest Insurance regulation no. 209/2005, it changes its corporate name into Traverso  Insurance Brokers S.r.l. since 1959, while joining the new Register of Brokers and Agents under serial no. B000014326.During its history, Traverso Assicurazioni has chosen to transform itself gradually, from Insurance Agents into Courtiers, i.e. representatives of multiple insurance companies, and finally into Brokers. This choice was dictated by the necessity to keep up with the ever changing needs of the market, both the insurance and the re-insurance market, at home and abroad.
The following company guidelines, tipical of the broker, have been established on the basis of a fifty year-long experience:
- the greatest freedom of movement
- transparent autonomy
in order to:
  • negotiate better terms
  • with the highest number of parties
  • offer more efficient solutions
  • offer each client the most suitable service
Our Company boasts well chosen contacts with primary Insurance companies, in Italy and abroad.
When dealing with specific types of business, we may offer special rates and negotiate more favourable premiums.
Equipped with the most updated software, we continue to develop our own database management system to offer online services and support to our clients.

Traverso Assicurazioni caters to:
  • Individuals
  • Professionals
  • Companies
  • Public Bodies

Our offices are located in the heart of Genoa, in Via XX Settembre, between Piazza de Ferrari and the Tribunal.

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TRAVERSO BROKERS di ASSICURAZIONI Srl dal 1959 - Via XX Settembre 31 - 16121 Genova Tel.: + 39 (010) 540.538 - Fax: + 39 (010) 562.832
Iscrizione RUI B000014326 - C.F. e P.IVA 03610940102 - C.C.I.A.A. GE 422697/1996

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