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Law no. 792 dated 28/11/1984, which established the Italian National  Insurance Brokers Association, defines and regulates brokerage activity : 

[Redacted]  A broker is a party that puts in touch insurance or reinsurance  companies, towards which he is not bound in any way,   with parties wishing to obtain risks coverage through his collaboration and assistance in identifying and managing the most suitable contracts.

The law fully  defines the activity of the broker and the relationship between insurance companies, clients and the broker himself. 

 The main activity of the broker is to mediate between clients and insurance companies.

However,  the above mentioned article also assigns another role to the broker: he puts the Insurer in touch with  parties that wish to avail themselves of his cooperation in order to get risk coverage, he assists them in fully  understanding  policy contents and he might help them deal with them

Therefore the broker not only mediates, but also offers intellectual guidance to his client by: 

  • helping to identify risks
  • assisting in drawing up  contracts
  • handling and monitoring contracts execution

From a legal point of view, the broker is an atypical figure.  On one hand, he is an advisor  who conveys his technical/legal knowledge to his client,  being authorized to do so by the law. He is independent and he is not bound to the Insurance companies from which he can obtain, thanks to his experience,  the most suitable conditions for his clients.

On the other hand, he is a mediator who strives to provide his clients with the best solutions in the market
All this translates into:

- No costs for the client, except  for particular cases, since the broker receives his compensation from from Insurance companies, in the form of commissions.

- The client  does not have to worry about  difficult  technical and administrative aspects.
- The client is offered continuous professional advice.

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